The Airplane Game (2011) combines a photograph and a short film of children playing "airplane" with the artist. Gilmour takes a nostalgic approach, focusing on a playful activity that awakens her own memories. Filmed from below, the children's faces pass on the screen, and the absence of a soundtrack invites one to concentrate on their expressions and the looks in their eyes. Using a 6 x 7 cm single-lens reflex camera designed in the 1970s and a Super 8 camera- both of which are collector's items today- Gilmour has produced a work in a brut aesthetic in which the grain of the film and the scratches on it are visible. The pale light and faded colours of the Ektachrome images reinforce the fragile and ephemeral aspect of the project since the film wears out and ages each time it is run through the projector. The technology employed is thus a kind of allegory of the subject in which the artist expresses her regret regarding the transitory nature of childhood.

-Dr. Gaëlle Morel, curator